Earthworks and earthmoving in Geelong and Torquay

Need professional earthworks and earthmoving in Geelong or Torquay districts?

We have the heavy machinery and trained operators to get the job done quickly and safely for you.

We routinely perform the following operations, and more:

  • Building site clean-up
  • Pathways
  • Dam construction, maintenance and expansion
  • Farm tracks
  • Car-park construction (plus design!)
  • Cleaning of open drains
  • Landscaping (including landscape rehabilitation)
  • Establishment of crossovers
  • Topdressing projects – sports grounds, golf courses, back yards
  • General excavation

We also have a fleet capable of transporting bulk sand and soil for Geelong and Torquay projects if necessary. Contact us today and speak to us about your earthworks needs and let us help you get the job done.