1. Do the Dunoon's still work here?

Yes, NSS continues to be owned and operated by the Dunoon family.  Chris, Joanne, David, Pamela and Stuart are all actively involved in the day to day running of the business.

2. How many cubic metres of materials can the small trucks carry?

Generally speaking:

→ 2m³ heavy materials.

→ 4m³ light weight.

however legal weight restrictions do apply.

3. How many products can you deliver in one load?

We deliver one product per truck. For split loads, please call the us on (03) 5248 2632.

4. How many tips can you do?

Two (2)

5. What is the minimum quantity that you will deliver?


6. Will I have to pay a delivery charge?

In normal circumstances a delivery charge will be applicable if you order less than 10m3 of one material

7. How much does one cubic metre cover?

10m x 1m x 100mm

8. How thick do I need to put down the mulch?

We recommend a depth of at least 75mm

9. Is the Torquay Depot Open?

The Torquay depot is now open and all stocked up.
It is located at 460 Grossmans Rd Torquay (crn of Ghazeepore Rd)