The soil in Geelong and Torquay districts ranges from sandy loam to clay, and new gardens in particular usually need a delivery of fresh, high-quality soil to do well, although all gardens will benefit from an occasional top-up with new soil. Newcomb Sand and Soil understands the importance of soil quality and is a leading provider of soil supplies in Geelong and Torquay. Read More

We've supplied high-quality soils for both residential and commercial projects for decades.

Our soil is proven to be effective in gardens for tree, vegetable, lawn and garden growth, with various soil options available depending on individual needs.

We  stock topsoil for construction, gardens and build up areas, at an affordable price, delivered to your door or work site.

Our fleet is equipped to carry out large-scale commercial projects, which means our Geelong and Torquay soil suppliers have the ability to deliver all the material you need in one drop.

Once you have your soil requirements sorted, remember that Newcomb Sand and Soil also has a wide variety of other high-quality products for landscape, garden and construction projects, including a range of coloured toppings for paths, driveways and even naturestrips.

Contact Newcomb Sand and Soil to find out  more about our soil supplies and toppings for Geelong, Torquay and surrounding districts.