Scoria is a unique material that can be used for many diverse purposes in the garden and in construction, and Newcomb Sand and Soil supplies a range of scoria products for Geelong and Torquay homes and businesses. Scoria is a volcanic rock that is light in weight, has a unique texture and look and is suitable for construction, drainage, paths and even as a lawn alternative. Read More

Not only does scoria look good, it is also an ideal product for water conservation and requires little to no maintenance as a lawn alternative.

At Newcomb Sand and Soil we stock scoria in a variety of sizes and colours, ensuring you have the right product for your project.

So when it comes to finding the right material for you, consider scoria for your Geelong or Torquay project.

Newcomb Sand and Soil’s scoria is just one product from our range of landscaping, construction and gardening products, which also includes sands, rocks, pebbles and soil supplies for Geelong and Torquay district projects.