When it comes to sand supplies in Geelong and Torquay, Newcomb Sand and Soil has become the largest sand supplier in the region. Sand is one of the most versatile surface materials there is, and our range reflects this versatility. Our sand varies in texture and colour, but never quality. Read More

Pipeline bedding materials suppliers for Victoria

Sand from Newcomb Sand and Soil is a core component of pipeline bedding materials on building sites across Victoria, ensuring a stable, supportive and secure base in pipeline trenches.

As well as sand for pipeline bedding materials, we offer sands that can be used for construction, mortar, sand pits, septic filters, paths, concrete and much more.

Turf sand for Geelong and Torquay

Our sand has also been used for high-profile commercial projects in the region. Our Geelong turf sand featured in the development of the oval at iconic Kardinia Park, home of the Geelong Cats.

So if you're looking for sand supplies for a Geelong or Torquay commercial development or a smaller residential project then Newcomb Sand and Soil has you covered.

And remember, as well as our large range of sand, Newcomb Sand and Soil provides a wide variety of garden, landscaping and construction supplies, including the right colour and size scoria Geelong and Torquay district gardeners and builders require to achieve the desired results for their projects. Contact us to find out more.