Quarry Products

Newcomb Sand and Soil are leading quarry product suppliers for Geelong and Torquay and throughout regional Victoria. With a comprehensive range at affordable prices, we have the ability to supply quarry products for big industry projects or smaller residential projects that have a decorative focus. Read More

Our quarry products are ideal for construction purposes, or if you're looking for a surface covering for a driveway or path in Geelong or Torquay, then our quarry products can be a cost-effective and stylish alternative to more traditional concrete paths.

Recycled bricks, recycled asphalt and recycled concrete

As an environmentally conscious supplier of sustainable quarry products, Newcomb Sand and Soil has a strong commitment to recycling, and our range of quarry products includes recycled bricks, recycled asphalt and recycled concrete.

Our recycled bricks, once crushed, have a multitude of uses, ranging from roads and paths, through to driveways and construction. Crushed recycled asphalt is a popular choice for paths and roads and also provides a stable and manageable base for paving projects. Our recycled asphalt is also in demand in the construction industry.

Concrete is a resource-heavy material to produce and also difficult to dispose of. Our recycled concrete offers a solution to the problem of  disposing of waste concrete. The 20mm aggregate crushed recycled concrete available from Newcomb Sand and Soil has numerous uses, including roads and paths, paving bases and in the construction industry.

If you'd like to know more about our recycled materials and other quarry products, please contact Newcomb Sand and Soil.

With a fleet of bulk trucks and trailers we can easily deliver quarry products of just about any size and shape, including a wide variety of rocks for Geelong and Torquay garden and landscape features.