Brick Sand – Off White

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Commonly used for:

  • Mortar

**** IMPORTANT – Please read below before ordering ****


The key properties of mortar are its durability and its ability to achieve the function of bonding with masonry units. Sand is the largest component of mortar and has a direct influence on all the properties of the mortar. AS 3700 Masonry Structures is the referenced Australian Standard relating to brickwork aimed at achieving the functionality of this standard.

As a Wholesaler and Retail supplier of BRICK SAND, NSS are periodically asked to provide technical assistance to various projects experiencing inferior mortar appearance in brick wall construction. We endorse the following information provided by THINK BRICK AUSTRALIA on points that should be considered when selecting and using brick sand, to ensure successful project completion.

  1. Brick sands are made from naturally occurring materials, which may contain colour variation, sand and clay balls, and possible organic impurities.
  2. Where ever possible, the entire amount of Brick Sand required for any job should be ordered and delivered in one daily lot, as there may be colour variation over time, or even day to day as different areas of the raw materials are mined. NSS DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR THE CONSISTENCY OF COLOUR BETWEEN LOADS.
  3. The importance of lime in mortar should not be underestimated as lime affects not only the workability of the mortar but also water retention, shrinkage, bond strength and durability.
  4. Brick cleaning is one of the most critical parts of brick wall construction and cleaning of the mortar joints by pressure washing is an easy way of damaging mortar joints. NSS DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR MORTAR DEFECTS WHERE PRESSURE WASHING HAS BEEN CARRIED OUT.  NSS recommends if pressure washing is to be utilised, an inconspicuous trial area first be checked BEFORE continuing with the entire cleaning job. Also, incorrect acid application has been known to bleach the mortar and bricks giving an unsatisfactory finish, and also cause weakened spots in the mortar.
  5. Furthermore, NSS as the supplier cannot warrant our brick sand range to be appropriate for your individual project, and suggest that if your bricklayer is not comfortable with the product supplied by NSS, it should be returned for a full refund prior to any works commence.

Further information can be obtained from AS 3700 – 2001 Masonry structures, CBPI – Code of Practice Cleaning Clay Masonry, and various Brick company specification sheets. We also highly recommend reading the

Important information provided by THINK BRICK Australia in the link below:

Any purchase of NSS Brick Sand (or be it from one of our customers) is subject to our standard terms of trade found on our website and delivery dockets, and not solely limited to the liability of the information contained in this letter.


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