Do the Dunoons still work here?

The Dunoon family still own and operate the business.

How many cubic metres of materials can the small trucks carry?

Generally speaking:

→ 2m³ heavy materials.

→ 4m³ light weight.

however legal weight restrictions do apply.

How many products can you deliver in one load?

We deliver one product per truck. For split loads, please call the us on (03) 5248 2632.

How many tips can you do?

Two (2)

What is the minimum quantity that you will deliver?


Will I have to pay a delivery charge?

In normal circumstances a delivery charge will be applicable.

How much does one cubic metre cover?

10m x 1m x 100mm

How thick do I need to put down the mulch?

We recommend a depth of at least 75mm

How many tonnes can you deliver in one load in your truck and trailers?

NSS trucks and trailers can hold between 23 – 40 tonne per load depending on the material type.

Can you provide a “one stop shop” for my new civil works project in Geelong?

NSS can remove spoil from job site, hire out front end loader and tip truck to remove fill – then deliver the required material to finish the job off.

Do you know the conversion rates for various materials from m3 to T?

Your friendly staff at NSS will be able to help you with all conversion rates that you require for each and every material.

How much notice do I need to give to receive a bulk delivery? And how much can you deliver in 1 day?

NSS usually requires at least a day’s notice to be able to supply the material at your desired time and depending on space availability we can deliver up to 1000 tonne of material in a given day.
For urgent enquiries please call (03) 5248 2632.

Can you deliver materials in Truck and Trailer loads to my property?

We can deliver in truck and trailer loads providing you obtain enough space for the truck and trailer to turn in weather dependent.

In what suburbs of Geelong do you have clean fill tip sites where I can send my tip truck to tip loads of spoil from earth moving jobs?

NSS have 3 tips sites in the Geelong area located in Portarlington, Inverleigh and Pt. Henry. *Pt Henry site allows concrete and asphalt. This service is only for approved industrial clients who have credit facilities in place – Phone 5248 2632 for further information.